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We have created this guide to help you choose the right rope for you. The two tables compare different cord and handle types. Below the tables, we go into further detail on the application and benefits of each product individually. This will enable you to find the best jump rope based on your fitness objectives and experience level.

Note - our full range of products is not yet available in the US but we are working on getting these launched ASAP!



Long handle variants coming soon....


1) The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope

Primary use General Cardio fitness / Boxers / Beginners to advanced / speed, footwork and DUs

Benefits - Affordable price point makes this a great option if you are on a budget or simply want to try jump rope for the first time. 5mm PVC cable with great feedback and feel for a good workout intensity. Overall, a great all round jump rope for cardio as well as some entry level skills. PVC ropes are faster than beaded counterparts making it great for speed, footwork and double unders which allow you do increase intensity and get the heart rate moving.

Other notable points - Easy to transport and carry around with you so great for workouts on the go. This rope wears a bit better on harsh surface types/outside so no gym required. Features unbreakable handles as well as PVC cord with a string core which is kink free and reduces risk of tangling!

Great to rotate in sets with a heavy rope for interval training for fitness.

Guarantee - We are so confident in our handles that if they break we will replace them once for free! 

2) Dope Ropes Signature Beaded Jump Rope & Lauren Jumps x Dope Ropes

Primary use - Best Beginners Jump Rope for freestlye / learning tricks and releases / learning proper form / best for outdoor use and most durable

Benefits - One of my personal favourites and a rope that experts recommend for learning correct jump rope form and technique, setting you up the right way for learning tricks and freestyle jumping. This rope will stay with you for life up to advanced levels.

Other notable points - Great feedback from the weight and air resistance provided by the beads. No kinking and more durable than PVC ropes making them a good option for outdoor/harsh surface use. The short handles promote better form and correct hand positioning. This rope features unbreakable plastic handles and shatterproof beads.  Beaded ropes also hold their shape through the air.

Now also available with soft beads!  The soft beads hurt less on impact, are quieter on indoor surfaces and have great durability.

Guarantee - We are so confident in our handles that if they break we will replace them once for free! 

Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Jump Rope (coming soon!!)

Same spec as above but with long handles.   We recommend this rope if you are at an intermediate/advanced level and for freestyle jumping. The main reason for this is that I recommend learning form correctly first with short handles before considering long handles.

The long handles give you more reach when doing crosses and wraps and so allows for easier execution of more advanced trick combinations. Some people also prefer to have a bigger surface area to catch for releases. Handle size can somewhat be down to personal preference! You can see this rope as one to add to the collection as you progress your skills with the signature beaded rope!

Guarantee - We are so confident in our handles that if they break we will replace them once for free! 

3) Dope Ropes Heavy Beaded Fitness Rope

Primary use - Fitness / Increased Intensity / 0.5 lb rope / weighted

Benefits - Ideal for fitness jumping as the extra weight provides a more intense workout.

Other notable points - Long handles with grip tape and unbreakable plastic.  Durable 5mm PVC cord protected by thick plastic 2 inch beads. 

4) 1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0

Primary use - adding increased resistance to workouts for increased intensity and heavier burn. 

Benefits - Quicker cardio workouts. Build forearm and hand strength. Engaging should/arm/core/back muscles that don't normally get a workout while jumping rope. 

Other notable points - NEW upgraded handles include dual-ball bearings for smoother spin. This also fixes an issue with the cord rubbing and wearing at the handle.