Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 - Weighted Edition
Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 - Weighted Edition
Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 - Weighted Edition
Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 - Weighted Edition
Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 - Weighted Edition

Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 - Weighted Edition

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For those that want to add a bit more weight and resistance to their workout and up the intensity, our Cardio 2.0 weighted edition is ideal. It features a 6mm PVC cord making this rope around 1/4lb in weight and is around 20% heavier than the original cardio 2.0 speed rope which uses a 5mm PVC cord. This rope is ideal for all experience levels and for anyone wanting to get into Jump Rope as a form of cardio fitness due to its combination of speed with that little bit of extra weight!

This rope is classed as a heavy rope weighing around 1/4lb but it is at the lighter end of the heavy rope spectrum. Weighted ropes range from 1/4lb up to 2lb, so please consider this.  If you are a beginner, this rope is also suitable and it's better not to use anything heavier than this or you could risk developing poor form, injuries and you may also struggle to last as long in your sessions. At this weight, this rope can also be used to perform different skills and tricks making it versatile as well.  Once you build up good form, stamina and endurance with this rope, you could go for an even heavier rope at a later stage if you wish!

As with our popular cardio 2.0 jump rope, this rope also features unbreakable handles but instead of a 5mm PVC cord, this rope has a thicker 6mm PVC cord that is adjustable to any height.  The PVC material cuts through the air allowing you to build speed, whilst the added weight also increases workout intensity making this a great option for cardio fitness. 


  • Short 5" low-density polyethylene unbreakable handles. These handles also come with a lifetime guarantee! We are so confident in our handles that if they break, we will replace them one time for free!
  • 10ft adjustable 6mm PVC cord with string core.
  • Durable PVC cord with nylon core is designed for longevity on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces. However a mat/soft flooring is recommended for optimal rope life. Also see our care page for more info on rope care which we advise users to follow. Please note that cords will wear over time!
  • Circa 130g in total weight (equivalent to a 1/4lb rope) dependent on the length it is shortened to.
  • White cord with black and white handles with new gradient blue to pink handle printing.
  • Need a rope bag? Jump Rope bags are available here
  • Jump ropes can and will sting! Use at your own risk! 

Board the jumpwave today! 🌊

Make sure to check out our instructions and care page and beginners guide before you start using your rope which gives you info on how to adjust our ropes and how to get started!

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Love my new rope

I bought the fifty sister weighted rope. I really like the weight of it. Smooth rotation with the rope. Easy to adjust to length I needed. For sure 5 stars!

Easy to work with

Easy to adjust and priced right. Would have liked more sophisticated handles, but it works well.

Aimee Clark
Great jump rope

Super jump rope and fast shipping! Highly recommend..:)

Mary Bauer
Love my jump rope

It works great

not what I expected

I thought it would have a little more heft to it since it is billed as a weighted rope. it just seems like a regular plastic jump rope to me. sorry I just didn’t go to Target