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The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope
The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope
The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope
The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope
The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope
The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope
The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope

The Dope Rope 2.0 - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope

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The Dope Rope Cardio 2.0Ā is ideal for all experience levelsĀ and is a particularly good option as an entry level jump rope for anyone wanting to get intoĀ Jump Rope as a form of cardioĀ and to simply try it out!

The rope featuresĀ unbreakable handlesĀ and a 5mm PVC cord with a string core adjustable to any height. The 5mm spec gives the ropeĀ enough weight to give a good amount of feel and feedback.Ā  This is super important to allow beginners a better road to success when starting theirĀ jump rope journey. The weight of the rope is designed to give a good cardio workout and works as a great optionĀ for intermediate and advanced jumpers too!Ā  The PVC material cuts through the air more than a beaded rope of a similar weight and so is a great option for some added speed and double unders. Overall, an affordable and durableĀ all round fitness rope to keep up those home workouts!

Upgraded features of the Cardio 2.0 include:

  • Stronger handles - 5" Short Handles made of unbreakable low-density polyethylene contoured to fit your hand. These come with a lifetime guarantee so if they break, we will send out 1 replacement set!Ā Ā 
  • Improved cord -Ā stretchĀ andĀ kink-resistant PVC cord with a string core. The nylon string core increases the durability of the cord, making it less likely to snap or break in cold weather, more tangle resistantĀ and kink-free!Ā 

These features have beenĀ introduced to help durability particularly as more of you are jumping at home and outside on harsh surfaces during COVID-19 restrictions.


  • Short 5" low-density polyethylene unbreakable Dope Ropes Elite handles. These handlesĀ also come with aĀ lifetime guarantee! We are so confident in our handles that if they break, we will replace them one time for free!
  • 10ft adjustable 5mm PVCĀ cord with string core.
  • Durable PVC cord with nylon core is designed for longevityĀ on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces. However a mat/soft flooring is recommended for optimal rope life. Also see our care pageĀ for more info on rope care which we advise users to follow. Please note that cords will wear over time!
  • CircaĀ 100g in weight (or 3-3.5oz) dependent on the length it is shortened to.
  • Available in blue, pink, purple, sky blue, turquoise and black.
  • Made in collaboration with Elite SRS to create unbreakable handles that are passed with both our marks of quality.Ā 
  • Replacement cables are available here
  • Need a rope bag? Jump Rope bags are available here
  • JumpĀ ropes can and will sting! Use at your own risk!Ā 

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See the cardio 2.0 in action:

Make sure to check out ourĀ instructions and care pageĀ andĀ beginners guideĀ before you start using your rope which gives you info on how to adjust our ropes and how to get started!

āš ļø Jump ropes can and will sting on impact! Use at your ownĀ riskĀ āš ļøĀ 


Customer Reviews

Based on 249 reviews
Daniel Flores

Love it

Keely Chace
Love my Cardio 2.0 rope!

This is a great basic jump rope. It doesn't have bells or whistles, and it doesn't need them. I found it simple to adjust to my height, and easy to use from the first jump. The greater level of feedback from this slightly thicker 5 mm rope has been helpful as I work on my criss-crosses, but the Cardio 2.0 still light and fast enough to spin a double-under with no trouble.

Colleen Streetman
Great rope

The rope is great but when I checked with the doctor he told me he wouldnā€™t recommend it because of issues with my hips. I am still hoping to try it out

Theresa Luxem
Roping mom

Received my ropes quickly and it was easy to adjust to my height. Been jumping for joy!

Elianel Alifonso
Love it

Need to buy more