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Lauren Jumps x Dope Ropes PVC
Lauren Jumps x Dope Ropes PVC

Lauren Jumps x Dope Ropes PVC

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The amazing Lauren, @lauren.jumps on insta, has been using our ropes since she started her jump rope journey and we are pleased to launch these special edition ropes in collaboration with her. 

This special edition Lauren Jumps PVC rope features short handles with 5mm PVC that Lauren commonly uses for increased speed and fancy footwork tutorials.  The handles include Lauren Jumps and Dope Ropes custom printing as well as unique tri-colourways which are new to our store!

“I’m super excited to be adding my favourite rope for footwork and speed to my collection with Dope Ropes. Based around the colours of my known and loved beaded ropes, I bring you 2 new colour ways of the 5mm PVC rope” Lauren.Jumps


    • Short 5" low-density polyethylene unbreakable Dope Ropes Elite handles. These handles also come with a lifetime guarantee! We are so confident in our handles that if they break, we will replace them one time for free!
    • Circa 10ft adjustable 5mm PVC cord with nylon string core. This makes the PVC more stretch and kink-resistant, designed for longevity on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, a mat/soft flooring is recommended for optimal rope life. Also see our care page for more info on rope care which we advise users to follow. Please note that cords will wear over time!
    • Circa 100g in weight (or 3-3.5oz) dependent on the length it is shortened to.
    • Available in silver handles and black handles with either a blue cord or pink cord
    • Made in collaboration with Elite SRS to create unbreakable handles that are passed with both our marks of quality. 
    • Replacement cables are available here
    • Need a rope bag? Jump Rope bags are available here

    Make sure to check out our instructions and care page and beginners guide before you start using your rope which gives you info on how to adjust our ropes and how to get started!

    ⚠️ Jump ropes can and will sting on impact! Use at your own risk ⚠️ 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Patrick O'Neill
    Outstanding Customer Service

    My first order (to the US) got lost somewhere in the shipping process. The email I chatted with didn't have a signature, but I got the feeling it was Keon himself, who confirmed my address and sent me another one, no problem. I definitely recommend the dope ropes product, and once you buy one, check out the YouTube channel! Lots of good content, from how to size your rope to advanced tutorials. Thank you Keon, Kaz, the rest of the team. If any of you read this, I want you to know that I'm very inspired. You guys rock!

    Doug Chamberlain
    Excellent product!

    Lauren is inspirational

    I love it, I need another one

    I'm sure it's a wonderful rope, and I love the color so much. Because I'd already been doing double unders, scissors, jump jacks, arms-crossed in my workouts for a long time, I thought I could get away with cutting it to "intermediate" length....well it gets caught in my hair (bun or ponytail, doesn't matter) every single jump, so it's waaaaay too short, at least for either my skill level or my body type (crazy stupidly long torso, comically short legs). Humph! I guess I need to buy another one if I'm to properly review anything!

    Madison Lamb

    Lauren Jumps x Dope Ropes PVC

    Zachary Hummel
    Sicc Rope

    Very good quality jump rope. I had a beaded rope prior and the PVC rope takes a min to get used to. It really moves faster than I thought with minimal effort. Can't wait to try the weighted rope! Thanks so much Lauren for providing these ropes and the awesome vids that pump me up every day!